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Muse is a character of Science Fiction novel

Jessie Thornton

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Hi everybody,


I heard about a science fiction book named Satellite Sisters writen by french novelist Maurice G. Dantec in which Muse plays a significant role in space. The publication of the novel is scheduled August 23 this year. And I hope a translation will occur soon after.



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It seems that in this novel, Muse do not play a "central role", as Richard Branson or Elon Musk and their space businesses, but a friend of mine in Paris, near of the publishing house, told me that the specific poetry/beauty/machinery of the band is perfectly reproduced by the author, with a mix of the original lyrics and a very beautiful "analysis" of the texts, and foremost, an astounding description of the music itself.

This friend also told me that there something he cant' t told me about the "destiny" of the band.

He said : Maurice Dantec is considered as the best french SciFi novelist, some says maybe amongst the ten best in the world (translated 3 times in the USA - at Random House/DelRey), and a real " grand connoisseur" of 40 years of Rock Music.

who says :




Fuck ?

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