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Warning about tickets


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Hello everyone. I'm writing from Italy, so first of all please forgive my bad english :p... I'll do my best for writing this right, though.


There's something that has really pissed me off in the last three hours, and I think that news should somehow arrive to someone who can speak to those who set things up for Muse's gigs.

Tickets for their show in Bologna on November 16 was put on sale today at 10 am (Italian hour) on the website ticketone.it

Yeah, well, fine. I don't like to buy tickets online for many reasons, so I set things up for buying in some ticket shop physically. Sales should have opened at 3 pm, I said myself "no need to hurry, those tickets will last three or four hours..". It was more or less 6 pm when the owner of the ticket shop told me something that sounded like "no, lady, I'm very sorry, but ticketone decided to sale only online tickets, due to the great amount of requests". I was already slightly nervous, for it's pretty unfair not allow shops to sell tickets only for speculating on commissions costs, but shutted my mouth up and left.

So I went home, and opened ticketone website. Surprise... Tickets were already gone. Not a single one left.

Whoa! Great, didn't think Muse would have sold out in a few hour, should have though about that before, I said myself. But then I started to think... Could this really be? I mean, musical tastes in Italy sucks, most people here would die for Justin Bieber, it was pretty unexpected that tickets for Muse's gig was already gone...

So i visited seatwave website, a website on wich even I could sell tickets for some show, if I want to. And (no surprise) I found the missing tickets. Private people sell loads (I mean, more than one hundred, splitted in blocks from 1 to 8 units) of tickets for Muse show in Bologna, and they sell for double the price, when like. I've seen prices from 90 to 299 €...

Now, what should I do? I'm probably not attending this show, even if I really wanted to.

It is Illegal to sell this way tickets, and I think I am going to tell about this to the police, but I don't really rely on police offices. So I'm telling you about that disgusting facts. I am really... I don't know. Speachless. I really would have loved to see my second Muse gig, first one was unforgettable. This way, though, it is impossible. I'm not going to pay some son of we know who 200€. That's pretty unfair and I'm not ok with it.

So, since police is probably going to laugh at me, if there is anyone who can tell to those who organize the tour about that, I would... really apreciate it.

Probably no one cares, though. But I had to spit it out.

Sincerly, Marina


P.S. http://www.seatwave.it/biglietti-muse/biglietti-unipol-arena/venerd%C3%AC-16-novembre-2012/perf/653337 here. see by yourself.

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