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Most epic song from each album.

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Not asking for your personal favorite or best, but what are the most epic? I would have to say :


Showbiz - Showbiz

Origin of Symmetry - Citizen Erased

Absolution - Tied between 3 - Butterflies & Hurricanes OR Ruled by Secrecy OR Stockholm Syndrome

BH&R - Knights of Cydonia

The Resistance - All of Exogenesis

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Showbiz - Hate This And I'll Love You

Origin - Megalomania

Hullabaloo - Hyper Chondriac Music

Absolution - Butterflies & Hurricanes / Apocalypse Please

Black Holes - Take A Bow / Knights Of Cydonia

The Resistance - United States Of Eurasia / Exogenesis: Parts 1 & 2

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But it is.


Not really, Showbiz is pretty overrated in terms of 'epicness'. Showbiz is overrated in general actually but that's not the point. Lyrically, HTAILY is much closer to the proper definition of 'epic'. Sound-wise, it's debatable.

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I've always loved Bliss, probably it's the first song I ever heard from Muse. After that I was in love, sooo...



Butterflies & hurricanes

Knights of Cydonia

Hyper Chondriac Music

Glorious or Sing for absolution.... idk


:erm: in this thread you're supposed to choose one song from each album which is more "epic" to you :p

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