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Signed acoustic guitar for sale

Greg Jenner

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Well, this is odd... 12 years ago, I was one of the very first members of this messageboard - and was invited along to the video shoot for Feeling Good and HyperMusic, back in September 2001.


I brought an electro-acoustic 12 string with me for the two days, to keep a few friends entertained on the long shoots, and the three guys from Muse graciously agreed to sign it.

You can see a couple of photos attached that show a guy I met from the messageboard, (possibly Crazy Bob ), playing the guitar after only Matt has signed it, and meeting Matt and Dom.


I've treasured the guitar ever since, but have been too scared to play it - fearing the tippex would come off. I'm now a 29 year old with a storage solution (don't grow old, kids...) and it seems such a waste that the guitar is just sat in its case, not being used.


Since there was no interest on this message board, I have put the guitar on eBay. You can find the link here...



The guitar itself is an Aria electro-acoustic 12 String, in near perfect condition, from 2000. It needs restringing and retuning, but is in great shape.


Piccies attached.


Many thanks,




Feel free to ask questions on Twitter at @Greg_Jenner







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I'm not questioning you at all, but i kind of chuckled when you said you were a 12 year member and it says you joined a few days ago. It's all good though!:LOL:


Haha, I didn't notice that!


But yeah, I don't take that as any reason to doubt him though, maybe his old account was cleared out after not being active for a while or he just forgot the login details. Pictures are pretty conclusive enough that the auction's genuine

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Hey, yeah I'm THAT old...


I went off to university and became far too busy, alas, and now my job swallows all my time. So the Messageboard had to vanish from my life. I only signed up here because I want the guitar to go to someone who'll love it.


It's on eBay here. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140767358098#ht_500wt_1258 No-one's made a bid yet - so if you're interested, put in a bid and who knows?!





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