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Questions for Musicians!!!


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Not a Muse song but I finally got the acoustic part for Paranoid Android down yesterday and haven't been able to stop playing it since, it's very fun and addictive.


I love jazzing up Radiohead, especially PA. Play it in a jazz style, it's hilarious.

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1. Guitar

2. Hysteria. get to swing the guitar around during the solo.

3. no, favourite muse song is stockholm syndrome. which would be close to my favourite song to play, along with hyper music w/SS outro probably making a top 3. :D

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1. What instrument do you play?

2. What is your favorite Muse song to play on that instrument and why?

3. Does that happen to be your favorite Muse song in general?


1. Guitar / Bass / Drums / Piano (synth) / Vocals


2. Knights of Cydonia on guitar: That ending riff is so awesome to play, I can't control myself when this part arrives and start headbanging. (others would be Micro Cuts, Uprising, Survival and Fury, though I haven't played the last one in a long time)


Panic Station on bass: Just love that opening riff! (Hysteria used to be my favorite obviously...)


Stockholm Syndrome on drums: Insane drumming there. (others would be New Born, Citizen Erased or Sunburn)


Apocalypse Please on piano (synth): Love the violent attack on that piano! (others would be Feeling Good, Survival or Endlessly)


Muscle Museum on vocals: Pretty much that one, love the chorus intensity. (others would be Plug In Baby, Micro Cuts, Feeling Good, Sing For Absolution and Starlight, though I like pretty much all of them :D)


3. No to all! Favorite would be Space Dementia.

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1. Guitar, bass and vocals

2.Guitar - Hyper Music, the chorus is just really good fun to play, the chords and shapes it uses are difficult to learn but once you get it it is so rewarding.

Bass - Futurism, when I learnt the riff I thought it was easy but that was when I was using hammer-ons to kind of cheat my way through it. Once you starting doing it without hammer-ons it gets much more difficult but like Hyper Music, it is very rewarding to play.

Vocals - I don't sing Muse songs very often but of the ones I do sometimes sing I'd have to say either Futurism or NSC (Yes, I know its cheesy but Matt's vocals on it are great!)

3. No, my favorite Muse song atm would have to be either Prague or DEAD STAAARHRHRHRHRGGHGHG!!!!!!!!

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Showbiz because I love playing the intro, and then just slamming on the distortion and going into the main riff, and I love rocking out to the chorus, plus it's fun to improv after the 1st chorus and in the solo


It is one of my favorites, definitely in the top 3

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1. Drums


2. Stockholm Syndrome or Animals

I like to play Stockholm because of the Tom part which is easy to play after some practice I like playing Animals because the drums are an integral part and the beat is very fun to play.


3. My favourite song is Citizen Erased

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