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Emex Londaxe


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Hello musers!!


Has anyone found another Londaxe online?? I am searching for one for like an hour now and I cant find anything!

They are extremely difficult to find. I've only ever seen two for sale in the last few years and I picked up one of them when I could and that was here.

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I just had a dream that another sunburst one went up for sale, and now this thread shows up again.




But yeah, they're very rare now. I would check this out if you want something that looks similar and is a much better guitar




And Crowella, I've seen 4 others, 3 of which went to that wangcaster breeding program. :facepalm:


There was a yellow one which was for sale sometime in 2008, but it had replaced pickups and tuners.




tried to buy it, but they wouldn't send to the US.

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Best place to start will be here and eBay. They don't show up terribly often.


The top advice I can give is see what James posted above. Buy a Madarozzo. It's a much better instrument in so many ways. The Emex Londaxe is riddled with small quality issues and what is possibly described as the thinnest sound you can get. Not awful but not great.


If you're insistent on one, a pickup swap would be a decent idea. I still need to fix that bloody tone knob on mine but I just think I'm going to gut the electronics out and put something better in.

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