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Exogenesis: Part 3 (Redemption)


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Hello all - I'm new here so if I have posted in the wrong section or anything, let me know please :)


Anyway, I am currently learning Exogenesis Part 3 on my keyboard and I've learnt everything so far up until where the vocal melody part joins in, and this is my problem. I can't find any scores or anything which I can learn from. I have found transcriptions of the music for piano on this board but they don't include the notes for the vocals, if that makes sense? They contain the lyrics, but not the notes for these lyrics...


So basically, all I am asking for are the notes for the vocal melody line in this song, either just written down (I'll create the score), or in a score that I could learn from please? :)


Sorry if this is confusing but thank you all for any help you have in advance :)


- Redemption4

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