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Why do you like/love Muse?


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They don't give their all, when it comes to live performances. If they only did :(


Ah. Well, I think some performances come closer than others, but I do get what you mean :cool:


But this is a subject already discussed here many times.


:LOL: Isn't there a beating a dead horse smiley?

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I got into Muse at the time when many popular rock bands were strongly influenced by older rock music. There were pop punk bands, glam rock bands, power metal bands, bands that sounded a lot like the bands I had listened in the 80's and so on. It felt like all the bands were looking into the past for inspiration. It was frustrating for a person like me who was pretty informed about the history of popular music. Those bands sounded like some band from the 70's or the 80's that I was a fan of, only crappier.


When I finally stopped listening those people who said Muse were just a Radiohead copy and actually listened to their music, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Muse were looking for an inspiration from different places than other bands. They have classical influences in their music but at the same time their music sounds somehow futuristic. It still feels like they are looking into the future while so many other bands are looking into the past.


Also, I have always loved music that is shamelessly bombastic and sounds really big. I don't know why. I have friends who like more minimalistic music. They dislike Muse, which I understand perfectly because Muse's music is as far from minimalistic as can be :LOL:


And even though I would like to see more variety in the setlists, I still think they are amazing live.

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I like Muse because I have an ecclectic personality and they utilize a wide variety of styles. Sometimes, I want something soft and pretty, so I put on "Soldier's Poem". Other days, I want something hard and driving and angry to burn all my emotions away so I put on "Newborn" or "Futurism" or "Dead Star" and turn it up LOUD. It all depends on my mood.

Also, I think Matt is a fantastic pianist and guitarist. There is some real talent there, and as a musician myself, I highly appreciate talent.

Also, sometimes the sheer force and passion they put into some of their music really astounds me. Just try listening to the chorus of "Futurism" and you'll know what I mean- power and passion.


Hope this helps! :)

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