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Hi, I'm selling the hoodie I bought during the Drones tour. It is in like new condition -- it has been tried on a few times but I've never actually worn it out anywhere because it doesn't really fit. It's never been washed or anything and has been hung up in a closet since I got it at a gig in 2016.


Has big Muse/Drones logo on back and small one on front. Also has the word DRONES down the left sleeve. Full zipper, drawstring hood. Per tag, it's 80% cotton, 20% polyester. It's the softest Muse hoodie I've seen, it's a lot better quality than the one from T2L. It's very soft on the inside.


Size S. When laid flat, it measures 19 in across right above the top of the pocket. From the collar to hem it measures 23.5 in.


I'm selling it for $25 plus shipping. I'm willing to ship overseas but I'll have to go to the post office to get a shipping estimate (and it will probably be at least $15 US and that is without tracking).


PM me if interested.




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Hi guys,


Not sure if I'm allowed to link to eBay here, but I've decided it's the easiest way to sell my discography, so I'm slowly but surely listing everything on there.


Here's the link to my page, you can find quite a few vinyls and CDs on there now, and I'll be putting promos up soon as well: My ebay page


I've also got tons of merch that I have yet to list – literally hundreds of t-shirts and other assorted things, I posted about them from my Flickr here: Entire collection






Lots of stuff has gone already but as you can see there's quite a lot so let me know if you're interested in something specifically. OoS and Abso tees/hoodies are all gone.


Thanks v much!

Dalia :happy:

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Muse CD singles for sale £80

All originals bought on first release:

CAVE 1&2 

Sunburn 1&2 

Muscle Museum 1&2 

Unintended 1&2 

Plug in baby 1 & 2 

New Born 1&2 

PayPal please :) see my Gumtree listing:

Please view this ad:

Muse Cd Singles RARE inc. Cave Muscle Museum,


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