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Oh no a music war! - get your mix on

Sir Quinton

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Quite a few on here are seemingly getting into DJing so why not make it a laugh.


Rules: No dickheads, no egos, no munters.

Length: 1 hour mix

Genres: Any

Can be CD, Vinyl, laptop or a mix of all three.


Throw a post in here if you're up for it and upload the mix by Sunday at the latest.


Get in, get on, get wet!

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I won't be able to get my decks home before Feb, boooo. :(


Boo, hiss, etc..hopefully if there's enough interest this can be a monthly thing though so not all is lost.


how 'mixed' are we talking here?


As mixed as you want. Can be simple fading in/beat matching to full on mash-up style. It's just meant to be a laugh for people to hone their skills rather than a serious thing.

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I wish I knew how to mix :$ I would take part for sure


It's easy, all you need to do is count to four on one down beat, count to four on the other, match them up (so they're both hitting four at the same time) then drop them in.


A 1 hour "live" set or are we allowed to cheat?


Ideally live but cheating is allowed for the wannabe's providing they own up to it.

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yeh thats bullshit, this board is shit


didnt even know this section of the forum existed


Same, though apparently playing other people's records makes you some kind of muso-creative now as opposed to banter which it's been every single time for years.


I blame Skillrex.

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