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Guysss I'm making a new video project, and well really my editing skills aren't that advanced. I'm wondering if there is a possible add on for changing the background of a video. It just has my face in the foreground and white wall in the background. So I want to be able to change that background colour to a bright colour. If there are any free softwares that you can think of that do that, that'd be great too. Also I have a pc.

Thank you to the first statement :awesome:


And hey bby to the second ;)

Also, don't post it in banter. They hate feeling good.

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Thought I'd bump this thread with my first short in a while.

It's for a "One Minute Movie Massive" and my university. Shot in the same week that the idea was conceived (we were only together in the same town for 4 days), so there wasn't any real opportunity for script-rewrites or reshoots (and there are things I would change, particularly about the ending).


But anyway.



aaand the vimeo link for those who prefer vimeo (I do)


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