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Map of the Problematique guitar sound


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Cheers! Never used Ableton before (more of a Cubase guy myself) but it shouldn't be too hard to get done, been looking for a new MOTP sound as the quality I get from GR's pitch shifting is pretty bad.


And yes, the Whammy is all that's required money-wise, I mean, you need to get something like Cubase, Ableton, or Reaper, but those can be, ah, acquired, if you know what I mean :eyebrows:


Is your recently acquired version of Ableton 8.0.4?


'Cos that ain't good.

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The rig is obviously inspired by matts but i am using it for my own sound.

to answer muse59200 i sure can record a sample of it but no it isnt easy to use, i suppose for them who use synth all the time yeah, again it really depends what you want out of it. the one im most struggling with is getting the sequence for Dead stars latest synth sound, but map was really easy, all it enaded was a sequencer and 3 different octaves to trigger :)


to answer phil and tom i just use it for MOTP...just kidding, i got into synths back in college. piano and synth was all i was playing, so i bought the G2. i wont lie though every time matt has a new sound im really interested in how its made and what he uses for it so i bought the G2. its a great synth to use and because its rack mountable it makes it easy to take round to gigs, so its proving its uses in my own material :)

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