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That orange MA actually looks fit.


Oh look it's Dave :batman:


Should I get this refinished or leave as is? No idea what could've done that to the finish unless Jim






I posted the finishes I was considering in the other thread, but none of them are sunburst :\

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Been using it to knock down doors? Daaaaamn.


No, that's what my telecaster is for!


I'm not sure really. It does look pretty bad (and there's some on the other side too :confused: )


Which one would you go for? open to suggestions as well (lake placid blue?)



Going to have a refinish done to a battered strat. Which one?








No idea what pickguards would look good with those. Maybe mirror on the first one and black on the second one?


If I can't get those finishes, it will be this (w/ mint green pickguard)



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I wanna get hi res pics of my guitars :( what's a decent but affordable camera? Like, the cheapest that can still get good pictures like James'?


Might be worth asking crazybobbles, but definitely get one of these.




And a nice background... or not so nice like the mattress cover I'm using :facepalm:

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thank you. i enjoyed this build :D


Me too. We should do it again sometime!


I don't really have a good white background :(


Who said anything about it having to be good? :ninja:


not so nice like the mattress cover I'm using :facepalm:


I do want to get a good black background though.

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