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What song best represents each album?


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If it's something like what will the album be remembered/should at least be remembered for...


Showbiz: Muscle Museum

OoS: Plug In Baby

Absolution: B&H

BH&R: Knights

Resistance: Uprising


As for what songs represent everything good about the album...


Showbiz: Showbiz


Absolution B&H

BH&R: MotP/Knights

Resistance: Unnatural/USoE maybe

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Showbiz - Showbiz or Hate This And I'll Love You

Origin Of Symmetry - Citizen Erased

Hullabaloo - Shrinking Universe

Absolution - Butterflies & Hurricanes

Black Holes And Revelations - Map Of The Problematique (or maybe Knights but I'd say more MOTP)

The Resistance - Hard to choose, it's really diverse :unsure: Probably either Exogenesis, Uprising or Unnatural Selection

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