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Darkest Muse song?


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yeh RBS, showbiz, megalomania and stockholm syndrome - always makes me think about this brilliant book I read [spoiler=plot]about a girl who got kidnapped and taken to the middle of nowhere in a desert with this weird man and over time she got to know him and then got bitten by a snake and he genuinly loved her so took her to hospital and turned himself in and she asked for him and said he wasn't a bad guy and everyone told her she had SS and she said 'no no you dont understand he isn't a bad guy'



:yesey: That book sounds good.


to be honest I find explorers dark in a way that the lyrics don't reflect the music and if you really think about what you're singing it's pretty much pure despair



:yesey: That book sounds good.


And yeah, explorers is very dark.


I totally agree with Butrus on Con Science followed by Hyperchondriac Music.


Conscience is gorgeous but very bleak in sound and lyric.


Indeed. Shame Conscience also has quite shit lyrics :LOL:

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