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a few stupid questions. We are still an hour behind France aren't we so it will be on at 7pm for us yes? Also on the oui site there's various channels to tune into. I take on http://www.ouifm.fr/nous-ecouter/webradio its on the 'rock radio'?


Dont wanna miss it!


The show starts at 7 pm French time but Muse's performance at Reading should be played at 8 pm French time, which is 7 pm GMT.


On the link you posted, you'll have to click on the "écoutez en direct" icon at the top left of the page to listen to the show. It will be broadcasted on the main station OUÏ FM, which will open automatically when you click on this icon (you don't need to bother about the other Ouï FM stations: alternatif, collector, blues or indé).

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You're very welcome. :happy:


I swear - anyone who whinges about not hearing the full thing later will go in the mod bad books!



Well, we could be entitled to complain as I actually heard an advert on their station yesterday saying they would broadcast the gig entirely. So technically, it's not exactly like the BBC case. :p


Don't worry: I won't complain. ;)



Wasn't it supposed to start at 7pm French time? I'm ahead of the french by 1h. So it mean that 1h and 14mins not 3h. (Lol, at me miscalculating at the previous post :D) Corresct me if I'm wrong :)


It's 6.06 pm here. So the gig should be broadcasted in a little less than 2 hours. (8 pm French time ; 7 pm UK time)

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