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Anyone hear the "Whispering Man" in Undisclosed Desires?


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Anyone else able to hear the 'Whispering Man' in "Undisclosed Desires"???....


Was listening to "The Resistance" through my Thomson mp3 player (so that may have been the prob entirely, lol!), and in track 3, "Undisclosed Desires", when you get to the verse that begins, "You trick your lovers that you're wicked and divine.....", you can distinctly hear in the earphones, a male voice loudly whispering the words the same time Matt is singing them!! It's kinda creepy/disturbing, because suddenly this person whispering the lyrics jumps out of the music and sounds like he's standing right next to you!? .....Is it my ears playing tricks? Can I somehow tweak the track to remove the vocal layer with the "Whispering Man" lol? Is it deliberate part of the music? Am I being "difficult"? :)

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