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GAS Thread: it's just too expensive to drive this.


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That looks just like my guitar :erm: With a different finish though.


Spalted Maple Tele HH? Probably is the same guitar, no two finishes are the same on that model. It's what makes them cool I guess. Here's a couple of images.







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i love that, but i think i prefer it without the chroming... only because i've got a thing about vintage looks at the moment.


Oddly enough I'm going through a vintage loving phase too, I guess that's why my custom is trying to be more classic than anything.

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Get out.


Come back in :D Yeah, overall it's a pretty good guitar. How I wish I got one of them as my first guitar rather than one of those awfully generic Squier strats :(




I'm going to have to second that. But like EJD, still got ol' Sparky (that's where the username comes from) on a guitar stand in my room.


Yup I got one. Great guitar, sounds ace. I pimped it up a bit though... :LOL: (Black looks better than red IRL btw)






View closeups here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ollyog/sets/72157625584156412/with/5255280906/


:eek: Oh god that's sexy.


Olly the chrome pimp. :pimp:

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Ah, I have a Flamed Maple Top Tele HH :D





Ah I see! Very nice guitar! I was actually tempted to buy one of them after I bought the Ash version, So I could have two, and be awesome, FOREVER.


Seymour Duncan SP90-1NRWRP Vintage P-90 Neck Pickup

Seymour Duncan SP90-3B Vintage P-90 Bridge Pickup


Apparently. Real rich and smooth sound.


Noice. How much did the full 'modifying' set you back?

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Erm cant really remember. Wasn't very much though. Got the mirror scratchplate by hooglebug and the knobs, covers and straplocks online for cheap


Ah hooglebug, of course. I was going to say, it's not the sort of mirrored pickguard you'd just find on ebay.








HNNNNNNGGGGG I want one :(

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Since I got a job I thought I'd have more money.


I have even less than usual


Interesting. I'm assuming travel costs and the like. I'd quite like a job, but somehow I have quite a bit of moneh! Not enough for decent gear and such, but enough to live :p

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I was walking through town the other day and saw a busker with this incredible acoustic. I think it was a classical guitar shape, and it had this amazing fretboard which looked like some really dark rosewood and had no inlays, and the actual guitar body itself looked kinda roadworn


Would love a guitar like that but can't find anything like it

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