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well, I completely forgot about this. 

in case anyone's interested, here it is finished.

also, it looks like this will be my last one. I can't keep making things that no one buys, because, you know, money and stuff. so yeah, this is it by the looks of things.









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Damn. I guess if it's going to be your last build (does that include #ByRequest?) then that should be the one. Even if it's blue, which is what everyone does 😉 

What are the extra circuits/switching options? 

On a side note, a matt black MoC type guitar (the one with the floyd rose) popped up for sale on eBay recently... sold for £150, though that's probably because the seller said he was removing the pickups before sending.  That or more people know the history of that guitar than I thought. 


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its got a ghost bridge, so its all just that.

I mean, if someone ordered something i'd do it. but I cant afford to be just making stuff and hoping someone buys it, because they dont, and my walls are full

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