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Hardest Muse song on bass?


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I.wouldn't say there are any difficult Muse songs bass. Its all down to opinion and skill. Some Muse songs will obviously be difficult for some people but not so difficult for others if you know what i mean. But on that note, Hysteria is quite.difficult for me. I can only play the main riff on bass. Panic Station is quite awkward for me aswell. :)
Hysteria is pretty easy but I'm terrible at keeping it going at the right rhythm just after the first chorus... and yes, Panic Station is a bitch :p the slapping is okay but that 19th fret brush (what do you call that??) hurts just a bit :happy:


Explorers is probably my favourite to play, it was difficult at first but I love it now.

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lol it's piss easy



I think Liquid State is up there, not because of technical difficulty really, but keeping up that riff and while singing must be pretty hard... Live you can see him break a sweat not too far into the first verse.


But I think Dark Shines wins this thread.


Yep but I sing while playing also on the break doing in the mean time the bass tapping part, it was one of the tracks I've spent more time to play right

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Still a fricking tricky song to play properly. Feel I didn't play it layed back enough. There's some notes at the end which are different from what you see in most tabs, tried to play it properly there.

Dark Shines difficult? I don't really think so. I can play it on the upright bass if that helps and if I get my recording gear back, I'll give it a shot.


Matt, nice cover, especially since you actually bothered to put the accented notes in which adds so much feel. The ending sounded good too considering that's probably the only annoying bit of the song


Question, you play it slightly different to me in the verses. I'll have to give it a listen it again because I thought in the verse it was this instead but I might be wrong.



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Thanks a lot :) I really like accented notes; that's what the song is about for bass, plus the ghost notes.


At what point (time) do you play it differently?

In the bit I posted above which is near the end of the verses. I think you end up playing the last note an octave higher.


I had a look at another tab someone posted and they did what you played plus they added the accents so I might trust yours.

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