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Phew...just managed to catch up on all the posts from the last few hours - you guys have been busy!!


Spending the day chilling today (and resting my poor battered body!) after an AMAZING day at Leeds yesterday, before doing it all again at Reading tomorrow.


Thought last nights performance was EPIC - thank you Muse - STUNNING!

Hard to put any criticism on to last night. Stage set up was extra-ordinary. You were never quite sure what was going to happen from one song til the next - the huge balloon eyes were 'eye' catching! lol. Flames were - well- hot!! Thought the sound was probably the best I have ever heard. Certainly from where we were standing was faultless. My other half has been to loads of concerts and it a real critic when it comes to sound quality, but even he was impressed. Not sure if it was down to the bands' sound team or those at the festival, or perhaps a mixture of the 2, but whatever it was - it worked.


The setlist - well as predicted really but am pleasantly surprised by the overall reaction on here. UD was a bit of a shock and from my point of view the only one they realistically could have swapped for something a bit rarer. Hoping for a something maybe at a little different at Reading tomorrow.


As for the weather, well, what can you say????:eek: Shocking!! Thankfully we all went prepared with extremely glam wellies and ponchos. Other than spending all day and night in one of the tents there was no way you were going to return back to you car anything other than a drowned rat...even had to dry what was left of my money out on the windowsill this morning! And my legs had a major work out hauling myself through the mud!!:LOL:


Seriously looking forward to tomorrow night. The only mistake we made yesterday was managing to be pushed to an area not far from the front, and I seriously thought my days were numbered!:( It was quite scarey for me and if I am honest did spoil it a little bit as I was more worried about my life so therefore couldnt concentrate on the band for a couple of songs. Even when the crowd quietened down Im not the tallest person so couldnt see much. Not helped by the fact the screens went down....:mad: Going to pick a place a lot further back at Reading so it will be safer (hopefully) plus I get to see the whole spectacle.


MUSE - Yet another night that I will remember til the day I die....



PS Is there another thread to see what other bands people saw???

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Against a backdrop of George Bush, smoke cannons and giant balloon eyes being punted across the crowd, Muse dominate the opening night at Leeds with a headline set dedicated to the tenth anniversary of their second album 'Origin of Symmetry'.


With a huge screen and Origin of Symmetry production almost too grand for even Leeds' most prestigious slot, the Devon trio flex their musical might with classics like 'Plug In Baby', 'Citizen Erased' and hit cover 'Feeling Good' being plucked out with aplomb.


However, their second LP is no 'Master of Puppets' or 'Screamadelica' and the lesser known numbers do little to inspire the drenched masses.


With effortless class alone, Muse will triumph over forthcoming lightweight headliners My Chemical Romance and Pulp but compared to a greatest hits setlist - even though the likes of 'Supermassive Black Hole', 'Time Is Running Out' and 'Knights Of Cydonia' with fireworks are thrown in to close the night - this showing is a hit or two from being a real highlight of the festival season.





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Yeah I expect (hope) the beeb will be sensible and show the set as it should be shown.


Good write up sassyjem, I'm a bit like you in that I'd love to be at the front but I'm just too small and getting too old to deal with the hassle.

Decent space and pint of beer will do me as I take in the best Muse setlist since Hullabaloo


As for these stupid journo write-ups, I don't know why we're so surprised, just let them write the columns and we'll just enjoy the spectacle for what it is

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I was really handling my emotions quite well, but when I watch that Bliss video, I just well up. :'(


Bless your heart, though, EroticSludge. :happy:


Although I found that channel several hours ago I'm still refusing to watch any of the videos till I see Reading :)

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Well I'm off now and won't be back online until Tuesday. I wish I was going to Reading but I'm just going to have to listen to the album at home and watch the pro-shots on the iPlayer on Tuesday sadly. Hope you all have a great time. I'm off now to go and sing my heart out to Megalomania and play Dead Star, Hyper Music, Micro Cuts, etc, exceptionally loud on guitar while I'm home alone for the weekend. Have a good one people!

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