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The hip-hop video has not surfaced; quite possibly a troll, or an off the cuff sarcastic comment Matt threw at one person.

Seems odd it was be MIA if it actually came from Q, supposedly.


Maybe someone was trying to make NME look like asshats for being a retweet factory.

It seems like that last option is probably the likeliest. If we take everything NME has said about the next album as gospel, Muse will go dark and experimental, step things back a little and go acoustic, and dabble in hip-hop.

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I watched the video where Matt supposedly said something about going acoustic, and didn't hear him say any such thing, as well. Unless it was captioned on the wrong video.

I think people are just trying to put words in their mouths at this point because it's believable, and gets clicks.


Or it's in an upcoming Q magazine, but then it's really weird it's being reported on NME before the Q thing was available.

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I'd love it is Muse did an acoustic album but I'm not a big fan of hip-hop. I do have Lauren Hill's solo album which is superb.


Yeah, why should Americans give a shit about Brexit? I'd like to think Matt and Dom would have voted for the candidate who wasn't racist and misogynistic but I won't lose sleep over wondering who they did vote for.

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I think she might think Matt and Dom are US citizens, because they live here, but they aren't.

Matt confirmed he doesn't even have dual citizenship, and can't vote in the US. And he voted in the UK on Brexit/Bremain.


And Americans care about Brexit not only because it does impact the global economy, but because we're not all the sheltered, xenophobic bastards we get portrayed as, and we actually care about what's going on around the planet, and it's slide into backwards politics and hate.

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