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Muse Feature in NME 23/08/11

sebby aka pup

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In this week's NME... (23/08/11)

“I was having these strange hallucinations of this triangular blade… I could feel it cutting into my brain..” And so began the story of one of rock’s most epic albums of all time, Muse’s ‘Origin Of Symmetry’. As they prepare to bring the album to life in full at Reading & Leeds festivals this weekend, Matt Bellamy & co have spoken exclusively to NME to tell us exactly what to expect. Expect it to be insane.


Plus, to celebrate ten years since the album’ release, we re-live the grotty orgies and mental chaos of the original ‘Origin..’ tour, as the band discovered their true calling as arena slaughtering rock gods. "Y’know when you’re a kid and you hear about the greatest summer party? This was it…



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Nevermind, we always expected that they were going to play the hits after OoS, for the casual fans. However, if Matt's thinking about the crowd wanting a bit of a mosh after Megalomania, surely Dead Star would kick things off nicely? Or maybe something like MK Ultra, seeing as that's a 'newer' song.

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So I couldn't figure out how to get the images out of tumblr ( :$ ) so I decided to just look for the pdf instead. If anyone else is tumblr-inept like me I have them here:











OMG they're soo huge! Just got one of Matt's eyes looking at me funny onscreen :LOL:


Thanks for this, from another tumblr-inept noob.:)

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