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Possible Muse/Elton collab for 2012 Olympics


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that is actually a transcription of the radio show (triple j, i think?). it was HILARIOUS to hear the hosts poking matt to tell them more and he got all awkward :LOL::LOL::LOL:


pretty sure i still have it somewhere lol


did a quick search on youtube, here it is


also made me giggle that they asked matt if elton john had shown interest in doing something together musically and matt said he hadn't... clearly he was more interested in errrr 'socialising' with matt :p


:chuckle: bless! :chuckle:


Didn't they all have dinner round Elton John's more recently, or maybe that was a joke of Muse's, on twitter? :erm:


In any case I'm not sure about a musical collaboration.

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I would accept it only if Muse would just take care of the music and elton the lyrics. I don't want Matt to be singing lyrics in the olympic sense (the whole world is one and all that shit)...it just doesn't fit them


You do know Elton hasn't written any of the lyrics for his songs? He writes music and sings

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