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Your top 5 Muse songs (Results on page 3)


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long time lurker (since about 6 months before The Resistance came out), decided to register today thanks to this thread I saw somewhere else, which gave me the idea for this particular thread. It's a good way to get a comprehensive list of the fans' favorite Muse songs...basically post your favorite 5 songs in order and those songs will gets points:


1. 5 points

2. 4 points

3. 3 points

4. 2 points

5. 1 point


results will be calculated and posted in 3 days.


mine (I realize it won't be a popular top 5):

1. Knights of Cydonia

2. Hysteria

3. Time Is Running Out

4. City of Delusion

5. New Born

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Because I have no life, I totalled up how many points each song has as of now:

Citizen Erased 29

Stockholm Syndrome 28

Knights of Cydonia 25

Showbiz 21

Hysteria 13

New Born 13

Hoodoo 13

Micro Cuts 11

City of Delusion 9

MK Ultra 9

Time is Running Out 8

Take a Bow 8

Butterflies & Hurricanes 8

Bliss 6

Hyper Music 5

Starlight 5

Map of the Problematique 5

Escape 5

Hate This and I'll Love You 5

Shrinking Universe 5

Execution Commentary 4

Space Dementia 4

Sunburn 4

Map of Your Head 4

Dead Star 4

In Your World 3

I Belong To You 3

Eternally Missed 2

Exogenesis part 3: Redemption 2

The Small Print 2

Plug in Baby 2

Blackout 1

Sing for Absolution 1

Agitated 1

Shine 1

Nature_1 1

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