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Muse playing secret show in San Fran... NOT!


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I don't think I've seen a thread about this. It's kinda interesting. I guess it's not happening, but weird that it was listed on Muse's Facebook page at one point. It's not there anymore, however. Or maybe they really ARE playing a secret show and they're just trying to psych everyone out. :ninja: (Although the "official" word is no.)





Muse FB page now: http://www.facebook.com/muse?sk=app_123966167614127

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I didn't even see the false announcement before. Then I saw the news article and thought :eek: what?! I really hope there is no show and they're not trying to fake people out. :LOL:


Edit* Just saw this:


Update, Wednesday, 10:51 a.m.: Muse's publicist says the band's Facebook page was hacked, and that's why the Rickshaw date appeared there. Which just goes to show what disappointing messes hackers can make.



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