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OC Weekly Review of LA Rising


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Here is yet another review of LA Rising, with some pretty good pics! Some quotes:


In contrast, Muse's set was an overwhelmingly powerful and sensoral experience. (Emphasis on overwhelming). Aside from the many who came just to see them, the band won over dozens of hardcore Rage fans.


Watching their production was akin to watching fireworks up close


Highlights of their orgasmic performance included mimicking sounds and compositional styles from composers such as Beethoven, Lizst, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff.


Some parts of their set reminded me of Blur, Queen, Radiohead, and even U2, but direct quotations of Gershwin and of the piano techniques found in Rachmaninoff's piano music blew my mind away and convinced me that this band was beyond such musical associations.




Link to review by Vince Vuong

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wow, what a fantastic review :) you gotta love to see what people with fresh eyes/ears to muse have to say about them.


thought it was interesting what he said about rise against, too, considering many of th comments i've seen around about their performance.

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