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Top 10 coolest Muse videos


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If Undisclosed didn't have the stupid dancer, it might have scraped through. As such, I'm thinking something like this:

10:Supermassive Black Hole

9: Uprising

8: Stockholm Syndrome (US version)

7: Time Is Runnig Out

6: Bliss

5: Hysteria

4: Starlight

3: Invincible

2: Knights Of Cydonia

1: Sing For Absolution

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KoC actually annoys me something awful. Never liked that video.


Best has got to be Bliss but Muscle Museum, Plug in Baby, TiRO and Uprising are quite decent. Outwith them, Muse don't have many good videos unfortunately, it isn't something they're very good with.


I agree with Bliss, TiRO and Uprising. Muscle Museum is kinda like the Resistance one, they just show different angles of a live performance of the song(for the most part). I like Sing For Absolution, and Stockholm Syndrome with the "thermal" visuals. PiB and the rest of their videos for the most part are weird imo.


EDIT: I also like Sunburn,Uno, and B&H.

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Not sure if they're the 'coolest' but these are my favourites:


1. Sing For Absolution

2. Muscle Museum (US Mix Version)

3. Invincible

4. Plug In Baby

5. Knights Of Cydonia

6. Bliss

7. Hyper Music

8. Dead Star

9. Sunburn

10. Stockholm Syndrome (US Version)

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