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can help a novice?

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trans google translation made ​​because I'm Mexican



hello is the first time I comment muse forum

I see that there are many experts here

and what I need here in mexico there is no one that sells items on guitars Effects muse already know that.

I have a stratocaster midi thinking of buying a kit for Kaoss Pad yet the cavity of my guitar is very small

but I found that you can buy something called midi strip

I was searching like crazy all over google

but found nothing

on youtube there is a guy who sells them is called gazlang81

but I have not connected or put back on sale products

I wonder if you could give me information on where to buy the kit midi strip

greetings and forgive if I have not done well.




like this guitar


and here is the video of gazlang 81




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¡Bienvenidos! Yo hablo un poco de español (pero no hablo muy bueno ;))


Creo que el "moderator" que se llama Neil. conozca a una pagina del web donde se puede comprar MIDI kits como MIDI strips. Voy a preguntar a él que lo se llama...


For those who don't speak Spanish:


Welcome! I speak a bit of Spanish (though not very well ;))


I think the moderator named Neil knows of a website which sells MIDI kits like MIDI strips. I'll ask him what it's called...[/Quote]


So, Neil, what was that site you found a little while ago that sold all of the MIDI strips and such?

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thanks for the reply

and your spanish is very good

im wait the answer of neil


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