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Matt in the studio with new band?


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I was expecting Never Gonna Give You Up :(


My bad!


When I saw the "Leaked Demo" bit I ran up the stairs so fast to get my headphones! Before I ran up I didn't click the actual link :facepalm:


I just did the exact same thing. :rolleyes:



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I kinda think they shouldnt be in more than one band, Will this signal the breakup of Muse??!?!?!?!

awwwww shiissstt


Chris has had his own band at home for years playing drums and theres been no problems. Doms playing with Vicky Cryer for about a year now and theres been no problems and Matts worked on a film score without chris or dom and no problems.

Having more than one band is perfectly normal, just look at Dave Ghrol.

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I've read often that on his time off from Muse that he plays drums for a local band.


I don't 100% believe it though, I remember he played drums once for a band, but I don't recall him regularly doing it. Else more people on here would know


He played drums for Carnage Mayhem regularly I think? Whichever band he was in before Rocket Baby Dolls.


I knew nothing about him playing drums for a band in Teignmouth though.

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