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Uh oh, too relaxed to remember password. Anyway, I've seen the singer of this 'Muse'. He's quite short!


Yes I think he is short...I think he is cute though!:happy:

And I've heard that he had a vewy special relationship with glitterati.I was shocked though when I've read in a ite that he buys a guitar for 4000$ or something!


Btw why is welchi banned?:erm:

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Awww! Now we have to make all the steps to relaxing again:( :

*lounge on the comfrotable sofa*

*Take a nap* *wake up and have a cup of tea* *start a relaxing conversation.


It was a double account, which I'm guessing is against the rules...


When I read her quote I was almost sure that this would happen:stunned:

For how long is the ban?

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I like cafe's of relaxation :happy:

Pffft relaxing on these boards, I think this is a cause for celebration to me. With lots of ice cream. :D










Damn I need an avatar. :LOL:


More of a sarcastic relaxation, but I guess that's better than nothing :chuckle:


And avatars are overrated :phu:

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