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Can anyone help getting footage?


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Hey folks :) This is kind of a tricky one and i really need help if anyone can provide it.


I'm desperately trying to find footage of the Muse performance at Reading 2002. I've searched through every internet video site i can think of and there's only the occasional track with truly awful quality from a camera in the crowd.


The reasoning for this is that My wife and i met during that performance and it would mean a great deal to us to be able to see it again; rain, lightning and all.


I understand that this is a long shot but i thought i'd give it a try since there is footage taken with the official TV cameras at Reading dotted about here and there. I tried contacting the festival organisers themselves but they've neglected to reply and i have no idea how to go about getting a hold of Muse to see if any of those have got it lol


Here's hoping someone can help :)



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Bro, have you tried Youtube? Because I went on and saw some videos (decent quality)


Muscle Museum


Not sure if those are quite right, but I think that is what you are looking for.


Also You could try this

You have to sign up/be a member there to download shit. I think it's just the audio of it, and no video. Could be wrong, but worth a try.


I read somewhere looking for some videos that MM and PiB are the only songs with videos in existence



A place where you can download the vidoes



Hope this helps

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It seems only those 2 videos were broadcasted. Considering Muse didn't headline there's a low chance that there are more videos than that. Better than nothing though right?

Also, it seems like Eternally Missed was played there. If you got to see it that's pretty lucky.

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