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George L cables..


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Does anyone else think they're a bit annoying?

Or have tips on how to use them right first time? I decided to super-size my pedal board and decided on these do I could bury them under without having to make massive holes.

I tested as much as I could at each stage but couldn't test a whole lot.

Now I have to take the whole lot up again because of a few of the cables.

But I don't see how they can go wrong. You cut off the excess, push it in and screw it up. What can go so wrong?

I have an amptweaker tightmetal with an effects loop. I decided I'd run my pedals for solos through that with a looper to be able to turn it on and off and now it just makes everything reeeeeeeally quiet when I turn it on. Is that the cables? Or the effects loop it's self?

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