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The album in general was good, but not the best. Muse did what they've been doing all along and been experimenting with different types of ways of playing, keeping it new and such.


Uprising- catchy song with a good beat. famous for being the "prank" song on that Italian show


Resistance- read 1984 in High School and is a great nostalgic one for me. Really like the Chorus.


Undisclosed Desires- really interesting beat, really sets the mood


USOE: epic sounding instrumental right after the intro


Guiding Light: Cool solo


Unnatural Selection: cool ending


MKUltra: the guitar effect was tight, the main riff is pretty cool


I Belong To You: Another upbeat song. Very interesting to have seen Matt put in some French into the song, made it interesting.


Exogenesis Symph: BEST part of the CD. Matt composed and created a beautiful three part instrumental. I applaud Matt for going out and composing these three great parts, hopefully he'll have more inspiration to create such masterpieces.

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Uprising = KICKASS!! <3

Resistance = Awesomeness

Undisclosed Desires = Different, but good :D

USOE = One of the album's best songs, next to Uprising

Guiding Light = The drums are amazing, especially the beginning

US = I just love this song, I can't even discribe it

MK Ultra = Badass beginning

IBTY = :awesome:

the Exogenesis Symphonies: Beautiful instrumenal parts, :D

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I do love the album, the main theme (1984 - I also love the book) and the entirety of it! "Uprising" is such a powerful song, it makes me jump around and scream out the lyrics. "Resistance" is a great song with romantic lyrics, that love can conquer all... "Undisclosed Desires" is different but very good. The lyrics of "United States of Eurasia" are brilliant and I really love the "oriental touch", Matt's piano playing and at the end the childern-laughing mixed with "evil-jetfighter-noise" give me chills! "Guiding Light" means a lot to me, because I've lost "my guiding light" a few years ago, so it really touches me deep inside... "Unnatural Selection" rocks and I especially love the slower "bluesy" part of it! "MK Ultra" and "I belong to you" are great songs as well. But the masterpiece of the album is "Exogenesis 1-3", imo it shows that Matt is a real genius!!! (of course Dom and Chris are amazing too!!!) The music is so beautiful and I adore the lyrics...

I'm sorry, but I can't really describe my very deep feelings for MUSE and ALL of their songs, because I'm Swiss and my English isn't that well, I'm still learning... :$

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I love the whole album a lot. it created a style of music that muse had not yet made. songs like Resistance are genius because it's a damn good song with a whole lot of meaning behind it, but it also appeals to the crowds and fans. exogenesis is the best thing muse have ever done.

Matt Bellamy is at his musical peak in this album. he wrote a full symphony and displays his piano mastery. he beautifully introduced Chopin to end the masterpiece USoE and incorporated an operatic piece in a poppy french tune. yet also he played metallic riffs of MK ultra and Unnatural Selection and electronic beats of Undisclosed Desires.

Chris Wolstenholme has some of his best bass playing and haunting vocals. his driving bass in Uprising and MK ultra to his weird distorted playing in USoE and slap bass in Undisclosed. His voice is just beautiful in Resistance, USoE, Unnatural Selection and Exogenesis.

Dom Howard brings back his insane drumming for a fifth album, with Assassin-like fills during Exogenesis, auxiliary filled I Belong To You, technically brilliant USoE, and holding together Resistance with his complicated drumming.

:musesign: they can only get better from here!

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Technically, as musicians, all three guys are better than they've ever been, and that combined with ever better equipment, and excellent mastering of the album mean that I think the *sound* of this album is the best of all their work so far. It's so clear. There's some great moments on it too, with hints of classical stuff thrown in, although perhaps not as much as Absolution, despite the symphony...great vocals on Redemption and a few others too, etc..

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