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Things I like about The Resistance:

-All of MK Ultra's lyrics

-When Matt belts out RESIIIIISTAAANCE at the end of Resistance

-The bass clarinet solo :D

-Now people actually know about Muse after this album

-Pretty much all of Exogenesis

-The fact that Guiding Light spawned the version we got for April Fools last year, which never fails to make me laugh

-The way I always think that Matt says "exercise" instead of "exorcise" in UD, and I always picture demons running around a track

-Unnatural Selection made me appreciate New Born more, by comparison

-USoE is pretty cool

-Guiding Light is fun to make fun of

-All the setlist beef that was caused during the tour was fun to watch

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I love the whole album. My only issue with it is half the songs just don't work live. I'm surprised that even the people who do like don't seem to like Uprising. My favorite song off the album easily. Also the best one live next to Overture.

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Positives from each track:


Uprising is a skillful song. Not many bands could make a swing beat work in a mainstream rock song.


The verses, intro, outro, and last ~90 seconds of Resistance sound absolutely epic.


Undisclosed is quoted as something you would see from Timbaland. Hah, he wishes he could produce something this good.


USoE is actually pretty damn good.


Guiding Light is a great karaoke song, and is a rare moment of pure, pomp-free emotion for Matt.


Unnatural Selection absolutely goes off after the ~3 minute mark. It would also make a great foundation to a rock opera.


Listen to the first chorus of MK Ultra in 5.1 version. Have your mind blown.


I Belong to You is also a really fun karaoke song. The French singing was a brilliant idea.


Exogenesis captures what I originally loved about Muse: epic, awe-inspiring music; thought-provoking and beautiful, but quite heavy when it needs to be. The decision not to play parts 2 and 3 live would have to be the most disappointing thing to happen in Muse's career. Cross-Pollination would be amazing live, and Redemption would work brilliantly as a mid-set cooldown song.

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-The way I always think that Matt says "exercise" instead of "exorcise" in UD, and I always picture demons running around a track

(I also agree about the setlist beef being fun to watch)


Honestly I like TR a lot and always have. Every single song.

It's so all over the place that I can actually listen to it over and over again without getting bored.

Guiding Light, for all its flaws, is really really fun to sing along to.

I love Matt's voice in IBTY.

Exogenesis, USoE, MK Ultra <3

I think Uprising and Unnatural Selection are monstrously good live, way better than I expected.

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Absolution is my favourite album, with The Resistance as a second (tt changes often). TR holds a lot of spirit, from the lust of Undisclosed Desires to the magic of I Belong To You, to the mystery and beauty of Cross-Pollination. It's one of those "perfect" albums I could almost say.


Uprising is hardcore and a great unique modern-style piece.


Resistance is both epic with an interesting transition to rock which I find both a Muse experiment and the style appeals to me.


Undisclosed Desires is yet another very unique and creative song with the pizzicato. The first time I heard it I thought "WHOA that is so weird, I don't know if I like it... Wait, that is soooo awesome." The second/third choruses fulfill the song especially.


United States Of Eurasia is just brilliant. It sounds inspiring, epic, big, bold, yet tender and innocent. Collateral Damage is beautiful beyond tears with the kids playing and airplanes in the background.


Guiding Light is bold and right in your face; it isn't afraid. It gets the job done well.


Unnatural Selection is loaded with great motives and catchy yet serious phrases. The second half is interestingly peaceful yet relaxingly intense.


Mk Ultra is really convincing in its sound. It sounds like what the lyrics are about and makes you feel like you're part of a secret agent organization trying to find out what it's all about.


I Belong To You is a playful lovely piece that sparks my European fantasy. Mon Coeur S'voure A Ta Voix is outstanding and Romantic. The clarinet solo may be cheesy, but it couldn't have been more fitting.


Exogenesis I builds you up for a mysterious journey that must be followed. As the fog clears into the. Bass line, the story and plot slowly unfold.


Exogenesis II is the rough road of the journey. It starts as if you're traveling down a river, slowly picking up speed until you plunge down the falls. As the piano moves from the chromatic C to Ab to Fm chords, it feels as if you're seeing things falling along side you, then before you know it, you're at the bottom, seeing the rainbow mist flow upward around you when it turns into the Fm waltz. When the voice and cello come in I feel as if I've drifted through the fourth dimension itself, it's so uplifting and magical. Then when it builds up to the rock chorus, you see what it's really all about; you're having a vision of the truth. Then as it finishes, you fade back off into thwe dreamy river, heavily encased in thought.


Exogenesis III is a stunning conclusion of realization portrayed through a beautiful and inspirational piano and strings progression, the voice still asking questions that answer themself in the end. The album leaves you wondering, just wondering. It's perfect.

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It shows that they can do more than just rock songs and be amazing at it! To me, it is a very positive feeling album. Many of the songs just make me want to get up and dance around! Guiding Light is fun to sing along to and have fun with it. The ending of USoE and IBtY make me laugh and Redemption makes me cry, out of happiness of course. :)

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Well The Resistance is still my favourite Muse album so I feel quite positive about it :) BHaR and Absolution probably beat it in terms of individual songs, but as an overall album I find it the most enjoyable listening, even the songs I don't love all that much seem to add something to the experience. I love its crazy diversity, yes there's a lot to say for consistent sound on an album but it just tickles me that they crammed Timbaland-esque Undisclosed Desires on the same album as Exogenesis - and somehow made it all work and flow. And it's the album that officially made Matt into one of my favourite singers; not that I didn't like his singing on Black Holes but his work on The Resistance is more varied and mature, and I Belong To You might be my favourite vocal performance of his.

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i love that album, Has great songs, Exogenesis is one of their best track of the entire discography, Uprising is the revolution anthem, great live too, Undisclosed Desires is very different but sounds cool, USoE is brilliant, i enjoy Guiding Light, no matter what people says, and MK Ultra and Unnatural Selection are beast underrated in my opinion.


Maybe some fans are too nostalgic of the old albums too see how fantastic is the Resistance.

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I don't listen to TR very often, but whenever I do I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it.


Yeah, I agree with this. I never really feel the need to listen to it, but when i do, it's pretty good. Although I do skip Guiding light and USoE from time to time. The second half of the album is up there with Muse's best though.

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Uprising is about as hardcore as Falling Down.


I meant it in reference to both lyrics and sound. To me it has a fairly hardcore sound to it. But comparing Uprising to Falling Down... lol.


Thus, ordinary? :p





Also note that that whole post up there was an opinion.

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