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I'd take The Resistance any day over The King of Limbs.


Undisclosed Desires (yeah I don't mind the studio version)


Unnatural Selection (there are an awful lot of songs beginning with U)

MK Ultra




Lotus Flower



...not that that would ever work


"Opinion" is an illusion made up by people that are wrong to make themselves feel better.


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I don't quite get it when people say there was a distinct lack of bass in TR...


Uprising is pretty much led by the bass

Resistance has those cool little fills in the "it could be wrong" part

UD has le slap

USoE has that fat sounding bass in the arabic part

Don't like the GL bass, as it's always sounded horrible to me, but it's there

US has as much bass as any other Muse song, plus dat middle section

Love the bass in the MK Ultra intro


and so on. If anything I find it more prominent than other albums...or maybe I'm just listening out for it more

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