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1 hour ago, Hat said:

Sadly not the case. The 1 minute version IS the full version, and the video and Dom's drumming are both for Reach Out I'll Be There

Oh dear, I completely misinterpreted those IG posts. Thanks :) I forgot the Jaded Hearts Club Band was a thing.

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On 1/6/2020 at 7:10 PM, Claudia O said:

Scorpions „Still loving you“ in a Muse- version 😬😎 

and ... don‘t come @ me .... Simon & Garfunkel „Bridge over troubled water“ but not in a rock-version .. I think I‘d love to hear Matt singing the high bits in chest-voice 😁 if he can‘t falsetto 😏



Ok.... Matt‘s been reading the board??? 🤪😂👍

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Bohemian like you by Dandy Warhols. That would be nice. With Chris on vocals.

And I have to correct myself. What I would mostly want for a cover is

Spanish Castle Magic - by Jimi

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