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Ridiculous things people have said to you about Muse


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All of their songs sound the same... :erm:

Lies. :phu:

After listening to Stockholm Syndrome & Map of the Problematique, my dad went, "Those... don't you think those songs sound a bit the same?"


My mom after seeing a picture of them:

"That on looks all dorky and wonkey, that one just looks a bit like a gay, oh but that is handsome'.


i think you can assume which is which

:chuckle: I can tell every one she's talking about.

I played Supermassive Black Hole in the car, and my dad asked if it was Lady Gaga....


:stunned: ...



The main ones that get to me are, of course, "Muse is crap," or my mum going "Its the guy with the whingey-whiney voice" when I play Muse through our speaker system. :mad:

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Yes, she's very knowledgeable on this subject. I asked her which other songs she has heard and she couldn't come up with any others than actually Starlight.:facepalm:


:LOL: No, that's what my sister said. "All of their songs sound the same."


She also claims their music is shit on a regular basis, but I have seen her Youtube favourites and counted at least 11 Muse songs in there.

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My mom told me that she thinks that Dom looks anemic! :eek:


Awh! :eek:


This happened last weekish... I came into school with my hair dyed blue and wearing a Muse shirt. I walk up to one of my friends to give them a hug, and he's all 'Your hair is amazing. You shirt sucks.'


Thanks alot, ass.. :indiff:

I told him he and his shirt sucked as well so... :LOL:

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When my mum first listened to The Resistance she said "They are like, a wanna-be Queen!" "Do you hear them? They totally sound like Queen? How can you like them?"


Then she heard SMBH for the first time "Okay now they're like a wanna-be Prince?!" :eek:


You can see her now listening to Muse once in a while and not complaining.. I think she's just trying to get on my good side though :shifty:

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Yesterday on Matt's birthday, my mum, sister, and I were eating at a gorgeous restraunt (I'm guessing to celebrate Matt's birthday) and so I decided to ask my mum how old she thinks Matt actually is (considering she's not an obsessive person over anyone..)


My mum: I'd say.. 44..





WHUUTTTTTT?!!!!! :eek:







My mum: It's true!


My sister: Seriously, it's probably only because he's more pwopah than Jared Leto (another person whom we asked my mum how old she thinks he is) :chuckle:



Of course my mum guesses Chris Martins age correctly though.. BUT HOW COULD SHE SAY SUCH A THING?! 44?!!!!

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Me: "Muse are amazing live! They have so many awesome effects!"

My brother: In a sarcastic voice, "Ohhh we use a lot of cool effects that makes our live performances good."

Then after that I was like whatever, and I told him how they don't rotate that many songs, and he said: "See, then they aren't good live then."


Another day I was like, "Matt Bellamy is my third favorite singer."

My brother: "Matt sucks at singing, his falsetto is crap."


Then, around the time when I first heard Muse in the car on the radio, Knights of Cydonia was playing and my Mom was like: "Ughh, I can't stand his voice."


My Dad, who went with me to the Muse concert, was the only other one in my family to like them.

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One of my friends who is one fo those people who trys REALLY hard to be 'different' says that Muse is pop. His jaw almost hit the floor when our maths teacher (who unbelivable at guitar and has seen all 60s/70s bands in their hayday) said he loved Muse. And it happened again when I played Stockholm Syndrome during our school concert (my fingers were bleeding and everything). He said he loved the song and he asked me who made it.


:eek:=His face.


Muse is actually quite popular in my school (mainly because Uprising, KoC and SS have all been played at our school concerts. Me doing the two latter)

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