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Digitech Whammy DT with True Bypass & Drop Tuning


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you don't get the same hum when you take the whammy out of the chain?


Hmm. Guitar>Whammy>MXR distortion III>Big Muff>Multi-effect>amp


If I take the MXR Distortion out of the chain, the hum disappears (offcourse, still some noise from the big muff). However, If I put the MXR back in the hum appears again, even if it's not switched on. But that pedal should also be true bypass.




Nope, scrap that. Hum is still there without the MXR, just a bit less noisy. Doesn't matter if I connect it Whammy>Big Muff>Amp or Whammy>MXR>Amp, the hum only isn't there if the whammy goes straight to amp.




Nevermind! I fixed it. I'm using these simple splitters to feed my pedals, including the Whammy. It likes it more when I use its power adapter apparently.

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