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Kanrocksas Festival - 6/8/2011


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^But looks like Muse's set isn't scheduled for the broadcast. :(


From the site:


2:50 - The Black Angels

3:30 - Hearts of Darkness

4:00 - TBA

4:30 - OK GO

5:20 - Gardens & Villa

6:00 - Best Coast

6:30 - Cage the Elephant


Or am I missing something?

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I'm visiting a friend in Kansas, and timed my visit to coincide with seeing Muse ;) I'm from California and the humidity here in Kansas is killer for me. I hope I can last long enough in the heat to get a good spot. The Black Keys are playing before Muse, and I really like them and have never seen them live. So I may sacrifice a super close spot for Muse to watch them. I'm hoping the boys don't melt before they have to go on stage... at least it will be late at night!

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