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Uprising Covered on American Idol


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James Durbin on American Idol just covered Uprising on American Idol. I thought it was sounding bad at first until he got to the final chorus, and sang the song in the upper octave! I was thoroughly impressed (Matt sang it in the upper octave on the studio album but has never done this live). Apparently also Matt emailed James and challenged him to sing the last chorus in the upper octave, which is probably the only reason he covered it.


Will edit with links once it appears on YouTube.


EDIT: Get it while it's fresh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3JtcGk5p7k

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Singing an octave higher was definitely horrible advice!


I hope Matt was joking. Or maybe he was trying to sabotage the guy to look good in comparison? :LOL:


:LOL: that's what i was thinking :p but I doubt it :p

i thought he was pretty okay at first but then he just butchered the ending :eek:

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How do they all think its the best one of the night?


I'm horrified.

If randy loves muse so much he would have been honest with him


I'm done.


i agree. i really miss having simon on the show. he's the only one who had balls enough to be honest with the contestants. i know simon would have laughed in his face after that performance.

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