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Fan Intro Muse the Movie

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Do it again and be SERIOUS this time :LOL:


I will make you proud with the video that I'm making just for you. :LOL:


And I'm making another one for Sippe/the rest. :LOL:


And then I'm making the srs bsns one for the movie.


Can't wait :happy:


Hmm, I was going to give this a miss but now I think I should do one. Maybe tonight.

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Been sick all week and still am a little sick, but I figure I may as well churn out a recording today to meet the deadline, even if I do still look/sound like crap. Whipped up a brief script to recite and I only hope something similar hasn't been used yet. So yeah, I'll get a recording and upload to you by the end of the day (California time, so you may not get it until tomorrow). :)

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