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The esterhazy was there!! ^^


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Listen, yesterday I was at my fathers friend's home to design eggs for easter. And when I made an egg after the other, my ideas were leaving me...:mad: Then I thought: "Hey, what about a "Muse egg" ?" And I made with wax and tape! Soon I'm going to load up a picture from it ;)!


So, what did you do for easter? What are your ideas for a happy "MUSE easter" ?


Drooling for your answers!

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Sorry, but I think it's not fair to say that! I only wanted to talk with you about that, if you don't think, it's a good idea, then don't post a reply! :mad:


It was only an idea.... :(


don't mind them :rolleyes: it's how almost every thread starts off :p

oh and I'd love to see the pics :awesome::D

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