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For Sale - Muse CD singles/Vinyl and a couple of rarities


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Due to financial issues I am selling my collection of everything muse. I want it to go to a muse fan, hence staying away from the devil that is ebay. I will be selling the items in 'Sets'. Don't enquire about buying an individual item from a set, I won't respond.


All enquiries or offers to oldmanpete@gmail.com


Photo's available for anyone who is interested in a particular item.


So in no particular order:


1- Muse - Muscle Museum EP

Let me stress, this is the original thing, but is missing the numbered sticker from the front.


2- Muse 1 - 8

Still in original wrapper, never opened. Crack on CD case.


3- Muse - Absolution Box set


4- Muse Hullabaloo PROMO VHS


5- Showbiz cassette tape


6- Single for absolution CD + DVD +VINYL + Static shield bagged Promo


7- Butterflies and hurricanes CD + DVD +VINYL + Static shield bagged Promo


8- Newborn - CD1 + CD2 + VINYL + PROMO CD


9- Starlight CD + DVD + VINYL


10- Super massive Black hole CD + DVD + VINYL


11- Knights of Cydonia CD + DVD + VINYL


12- Sunburn CD1 + CD2 + Vinyl + PROMO CD


13- Plug in Baby CD1 + CD2 + Vinyl + Promo CD + Cassette tape


14- Cave Single


15- Uno Single


I know I have another box of stuff hiding away and might add to this list in the near future.


Any offers to oldmanpete@gmail.com

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