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Lawl, some of those bands.


Blink 182 vs All Time low in a poll with Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Muse, etc. Good job there MTV.


I dont understand some of MTV's choices. Looking for the best band and then putting muse up against cobra starship (:LOL:) and then saying CS were a great live rock band :LOL:

and also U2 v Kesha. 80% for U2 today :LOL:

oh mtv :facepalm:

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Cobra Starship:erm:, never heard of them, but I can tell just by their name that they are to be utter crap:LOL:




Okay, I youtubed them because I had never heard of them. They are one of those lame pop punk generic bands that are a dime a dozen. Nothing on Muse regardless of what people think of Muse these days.

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