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Best: Knights of Cydonia, Bliss, Plug in Baby, Undisclosed Desires, Uprising


Worst: Invincible, Muscle Museum


I also didn't mind the NSC clip, however only if all the Twilight clips are removed. >.> They completely ruin it. And I like UD, however I agree, the dancing girl annoys me.

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Uprising was fun, more so the bit with the giant Teddy bears. :LOL:

UD wasn't that bad, the dancing girl annoys me.

I hate Knights.

Supermassive is quite cool.

I like the Hotel Hysteria video.

Sing For Absolution is pretty epic.

New Born is strange and entertaining.

Plug In Baby just works with the song.

Bliss is brilliant.

Muscle Museum is fun too.


I'll go with S4A.


Worst would be NSC (Twishite) or Resistance (which is so god damn bland).


This is basically my opinion, 'cept I'm tied between SfA, Smbh, and Bliss. Something about those three just makes my heart go *tingle*

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