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Best videos: Sunburn, Hysteria, TIRO (I love the Dr. Strangelove movie), Stockholm Syndrome (US version), Invincible, Knights of Cydonia


Worst videos: Uno (1stversion,absolutely horrible), Unintended (this one actually causes me severe pain :D ), Plug in Baby (all I could think was: WTF???), Undisclosed Desires (again, WTF?), The Resistance (why?why?why?)


Oh I have so many ideas for their music videos :D

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Best: Bliss

Worst: Pretty much all of the others, but invincible has to be the worst.


I dont think Ive really seen many muse videos that ive actually enjoyed. Uprising would have brilliant if it contained just one scene that wasnt in slow motion. :LOL:

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I actually found Invincible hilarious :LOL: I was all "WTF?


Falling into a giant hole in the ground, dancing on a giant round light platform surrounded by word leaders who double as strippers, spazzing around in a tiny green room, playing with the band in a red room that rose petals are falling into whilst being surrounded by freaks, taking a rocket and crashing it a planet complete with a wreckage of Big Ben, a short film about a man of the wild west of the future, and now this? Riding in a stupid, childish amusement park ride? For Christ's sake, boys, you really could've thought of something better. :LOL:

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Uprising was fun, more so the bit with the giant Teddy bears. :LOL:

UD wasn't that bad, the dancing girl annoys me.

I hate Knights.

Supermassive is quite cool.

I like the Hotel Hysteria video.

Sing For Absolution is pretty epic.

New Born is strange and entertaining.

Plug In Baby just works with the song.

Bliss is brilliant.

Muscle Museum is fun too.


I'll go with S4A.


Worst would be NSC (Twishite) or Resistance (which is so god damn bland).

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Best: Sing for absolution (it just looks soo cool :awesome:) and starlight (I have no idea why I just really like it :p) and Invincible! :D

worst: muscle museum (it's a little wierd) UD (the dancing lady = baad) plug in baby (I just don't like it) and new born (too yellowy)


EDIT: sunburn and uno are awesome too :D

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