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What Muse song have you never listened to?


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I haven't yet heard a lot of the b-sides, in fact I only recently learned to love Dead Star.


Dead Star is not a b-side :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


(Futurism and Can't Take My Eyes Off You are the b-sides to Dead Star and In Your World)


Only just found the studio version of House of the Rising Sun the other day. :LOL:

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I've not listened to one song all the way through, bit of an exaggeration there.
Well it wasn't an exaggeration, you literally haven't listened to the whole album.


And if you haven't even heard every song in full, I doubt you've listened to some of the other songs very much.

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How do you become a big enough fan of a band to join and post on their forum but have not heard some of these songs. A few people mentioned things like all of Absolution and Exogenesis? Fucking seriously? lolol How is that possible.


Well up until recently i never really heard OoS and Showbiz all the way through so :)

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