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Unintended Instrumental (by me)


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I've spent about five days working on and perfecting an instrumental for Unintended, as it's just about the best song ever! As far as I can tell, it sounds for the most part as same as the original, but I'll let you guys be the judge. :happy:


I made it in Logic Pro 8, then exported it to Pro Tools 8 where I applied the effects and mixed it and... you know hehe.


I also know a lot of people have been looking for an instrumental for this song, as Muse never released one for any of the Showbiz or Origin Of Symmetry songs. Basically this song just has a high instrumental demand.


Download it here.


NOTE: Maybe a few of you saw my older instrumental a few months ago. I can assure you that that that is a much older version, and this one is way more 'exact' or whatnot.



So what do you think? I think it sounds pretty much almost the same as the original. The only thing I might see a small problem with is that the guitar not having the acoustic sliding sounds (it kind of does, but...) and the snare sample isn't deep enough.

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