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"Undisclosed Desires" music video-Shoes?


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Okay, I'm a newbie here & I'm starting to fall in love with Muse...so even though I'm sure this question has been addressed numerous times in the past, I seek all of you out for any answers to the following question.


The girl dancing the in the music video for "Undisclosed Desires" (my new fav song!) is clearly wearing a pair of flat-white cross-trainer shoes...the only thing is, I've googled myself senseless & can't find any info on what brand she's wearing, style, etc...I'd really like to know, they look so comfortable! I want a pair :)


Anyone who can shed light on this subject, please do, I'd love to finally figure out what shoes she's wearing, because I don't think they are Nike. It may seem trivial, but it is important for me, since I'm trying to locate them to purchase! :)




muse lover & dance enthusiast

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